Our company started as UV flatbed printer which only focus on flat-bed inject color printer and industrial UV relief color printing machine production for 9 years. After all the experience we were extremely professional in providing high printing efficiency to the customers. We specialize in the production for the flatbed inject color printer and industrial UV relief color printing machine. Our products are in strict accordance with ISO9001 systems and CE standard for quality management to orientation, which lead to the high printing efficiency of 15 square meters per hour, high resolution and perfect printing effect.

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    Founded in 2009
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    10 years experience
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    Printing efficiency is 15 square meters per hour
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    Supports more than 9 types of printed materials




Service First

  • KINGT Ricoh Gen6 Printhead UV Flatbed Printer

    In recent years, with the rapid development of UV technology industry, UV digital printing is also facing new challenges. New breakthroughs and innovations are needed in printing accuracy and speed to meet customers’ higher requirements for machine use. Recently, with the strong support of ...

  • Use Of Inkjet Printer Machine

    When using the inkjet printer machine , make sure that the refilled inkjet nozzle is in good condition. When refilling, it is best to add ink with original ink. After use, the ink cartridge should be completely cleaned. Otherwise, a new reaction may occur if the new ink is different from the prev...

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