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Our company started as UV flatbed printers which only focuses on flat-bed inkjet color printer and industrial UV relief color printing machine production for 10 years.
With the rich experience, we were extremely professional in providing high printing efficiency to the customers. We specialize in the production for the flatbed inject color printer and industrial UV relief color printing machine. Our products are in strict accordance with ISO9001 systems and CE standard for quality management to orientation, which leads to the high printing efficiency of 15 square meters per hour, high resolution, and perfect printing effect.




High quality





Who Are We?

We manufacture UV Industrial printer, At the moment the best in UV flatbed printing .
We offer best technical support and partnership for your needs.


Kingt Technology is profeesinal uv industrial printer manufacturing company in China, We have our own big building for manufacturing the printing machine in zheJiang province and also workshop in Shenzhen. We guarantee our quality ,there are a lot of QC points in each production flow. We have a wide range of machinery for manufacturing and testing, which is necessary to achieve the highest quality. We manufactured already for a lot of countries and do a lot of OEM service. With a reputation for innovated products, with excellent quality for the manufacturing.

Production & test Equipment

We own all the necessary test equipment’s to achieve a higher quality.
Automatic production for assembly.


Platform table levelness check

Machine box installation

UV LED check

Anti crash system check

Printhead installation

Quality Checking

We’ll do everything we can to achieve the highest quality prossible.

Quality Checking-01

Quality Checking-04

Quality Checking-02

Quality Checking-05

Quality Checking-03

Quality Checking-06

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