• How to use KINGT UV Flatbed Printer to print on EVA Shoe-Pads

      KINGT UV Flatbed Printer are widely utilized in different industries. This time we want to introduce printing on EVA Shoe-Pad by KGT-LE2030. Step 1: Prepare the EVA Shoe-Pad     Step 2: Put EVA Shoe-Pad on the KINGT UV Flatbed Printer table. Clean the surface and fix the shoe-pad posi...
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  • Let’s Try Kingt! UV Flatbed Printer On Toy Products

    With the increasing consumption of toys recent years, Kingt finds that UV printing is an extremely effective solution for printing in the toy industry. UV printing provides high quality and safe solution for printing on model trains, plastic cars, game pieces, doll eyes, puzzles and countless oth...
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  • KINGT Ricoh Gen6 Printhead UV Flatbed Printer

    In recent years, with the rapid development of UV technology industry, UV digital printing is also facing new challenges. New breakthroughs and innovations are needed in printing accuracy and speed to meet customers’ higher requirements for machine use. Recently, with the strong support of ...
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  • Use Of Inkjet Printer Machine

    When using the inkjet printer machine , make sure that the refilled inkjet nozzle is in good condition. When refilling, it is best to add ink with original ink. After use, the ink cartridge should be completely cleaned. Otherwise, a new reaction may occur if the new ink is different from the prev...
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  • UV Printing On Uneven Material Surface With Height Difference

    As we know, UV printing is getting more and more popular in industrial use like phone case, home decoration, advertising, etc… because it requires no film, no MOQ, no material limit, it’s more cost saving. In the past years, Kingt has been working on the new solutions on uneven material surface o...
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  • Sticker Printer Machine

    Note on the purchase of sticker printer machine: Sticker printer machine should pay attention to when purchasing. Because printers have different models, the model should be determined according to the number of stickers printed. If you want to print in large quantities, it is recommended to buy ...
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  • Shenzhen Kingt Technology Co.,Ltd successfully appeared in the 2019 Guangzhou DPES Logo Expo

    ShenZhen Kingt Technology Co.,Ltd attended DPES Sign Expo China in Guangzhou at Aug 23th – 26th. Thank all customers for visiting our booth. As Chinese Top Ricoh Printhead UV Flatbed Printer manufacturer, our machines caught many customers eyes.     In this exhibition, our KGT-L...
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  • UV Flatbed Printer

    Maintenance of UV flatbed printer: UV flatbed printers should also be taken care of when using. First, it is necessary to ensure the clean environment around the UV flatbed printer. Because the working environment of the UV flatbed printer is dusty, if the printer accumulates too much dust, it is...
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  • Metal Printing

    The function of metal printing: Metal printing should generally have the following characteristics: First, the metal printed products are brightly colored and rich in layers. Secondly, metal printing has good molding properties and can achieve a unique design. Metal printing can achieve the purpo...
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  • Banner Printer Machine

    Features of the banner printer machine: 1.The banner printer machine is easy to operate, low in noise and small in size. 2.The banner printer machine has a fast printing speed and low printing cost. 3. Banner printer machine perform well. And support for the largest print format, can meet differe...
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  • Welcome to visit Kingt in the Upcoming Exhibitions

    Welcome to visit Kingt in the Upcoming Exhibitions

    Are you looking for digital uv flatbed printer manufacturer? Do you want to enjoy the promotion of uv printing machines? Kingt offers you the best price in below exhibitions : Welcome to visit Kingt in the Upcoming Exhibitions: 1. DPES Sign Expo China 2019 - Spring Guangzhou  Feb 20-23rd, 20...
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  • We’re waiting for you at DPES Sign Expo China 2019

    We’re waiting for you at DPES Sign Expo China 2019

    We’re waiting for you at DPES Sign Expo China 2019 – Autumn Guangzhou on Aug.26~28 DPES Sign Expo China 2019 – Autumn Guangzhou will be held in PWTC on Aug. 26~28, 2019. It is one of the most important sign expo in South China in the latter half of the year covering digital printing, engraving, ...
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