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  • How to use KINGT UV Flatbed Printer to print on EVA Shoe-Pads

      KINGT UV Flatbed Printer are widely utilized in different industries. This time we want to introduce printing on EVA Shoe-Pad by KGT-LE2030. Step 1: Prepare the EVA Shoe-Pad     Step 2: Put EVA Shoe-Pad on the KINGT UV Flatbed Printer table. Clean the surface and fix the shoe-pad posi...
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  • Let’s Try Kingt! UV Flatbed Printer On Toy Products

    With the increasing consumption of toys recent years, Kingt finds that UV printing is an extremely effective solution for printing in the toy industry. UV printing provides high quality and safe solution for printing on model trains, plastic cars, game pieces, doll eyes, puzzles and countless oth...
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  • KINGT Ricoh Gen6 Printhead UV Flatbed Printer

    In recent years, with the rapid development of UV technology industry, UV digital printing is also facing new challenges. New breakthroughs and innovations are needed in printing accuracy and speed to meet customers’ higher requirements for machine use. Recently, with the strong support of ...
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  • 100machines for promotion

    100machines for promotion

    Shenzhen  Kingt Technology co., LTD have made  100 units uv flatbed printer For thanks customer support , The promotion time begining 20th  Feb and will finish by 31th March.2019 The promotion machines including Item KGT-LE2513 large format uv flatbed pritner 20 units Item KGT-LE2030 big size uv ...
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